1. Clean room. This is getting ridiculous. I cannot wait until next year when I can spread my stuff out over the entire room instead of cramming it into one-half of this already too small space. In the mean time, it couldn't hurt to take out my trash.

2. Read Cromwell. It's a relatively short book. Hopefully I can knock it out before this evening, and then I can be that much closer to actually having studied for my Stuart England exam on 7 April.

3. Write Italian essay. I think it's about 200 words that I have to get written. And many thanks ahead of time to [livejournal.com profile] glicine_33 for promising to look through it!

4. Actually relax. Even during Spring Break, I wasn't able to relax all that much on the weekends, and I certainly haven't been able to do that at all this semester. So, I should take advantage of this relatively work-free couple of days.
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