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Hee... now you've taken me to my Love Actually happy place. I was able to cite that movie in an essay today, LOL.

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Hee. But, ha, now that you mention it, did you EVER notice that when the saxophone players stand up in the church to play, the sound that's playing is a TRUMPET? Seriously. Bugs the crap out of me. But, Love Actually. *happy sigh* So much love for that movie.

And how did you bring that up in an essay? LOL That's so awesome.

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Now that you mention it, YES. Huh. Never thought of that before. Now it will bug me. But a good kind of bug. I think.

I had to write a paper on how the United States exported culture to Europe during the Cold War. At some point, I talked about how Europe felt less like a valued ally and more subservient, a notion that's perpetuated even to this day as evidenced by my favorite scene in the whole movie, where Hugh Grant told off Billy Bob. It makes sense within the context of the paper. I hope. :)

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Ah, hmm. Yes, I see the connection. (And also, OMG I LOVE THAT SPEECH SO MUCH. And *ahem* the dance that results from it.)

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Oh my God, that icon.
Love Actually is one of the 3 DVD's I own that does not feature Hugh Laurie. I honestly never cry over a movie scene after I have seen it once, but that scene with Emma in her bedroom gets me sobbing every single time.

And thanks for adding me back!


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